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While i was working on my new Ingress comic, I decided to go back and explore previous visions. It led me to revise my last two comics, discovering details that previously I had not sensed….

I’ve been working on refining previous visions.

I’ve been working on refining previous visions.

My name is Tycho.


If you read comics, you’ve probably seen my work a hundred times. You just don’t know it. I’m a ghost. They bring me in when some artist is late with his work. I can imitate almost anybody. Nobody knows who I am, and I like it that way.

I’ve never done any work of my own. Until now… Until these visions came. I don’t know what they mean. But I know they are significant. They are like premonitions, or some ‘revelation of secret things.’

I don’t know what they are, but since I’ve been having them, mysterious people have been watching me.


Who are Niantic?

I don’t know who they are. Some have tried to talk to me. To ask me about the visions. I think they know more than they are telling. I have seen their logo on a card. They call themselves Niantic. I don’t know what this means.


Can you help?

If any of this means anything to you, please help me. If you can identify or decode anything in these visions, Tweet it with #nianticproject. I’m watching that stream…

I will be at Comic-Con, because I think I can learn the truth there.

Buck Rogers Panel, Friday 6-7pm, Room 4.

I know some of the people on that panel, I know they will have some insight.

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