Persons of Interest

Since the revelations about XM started to emerge, these are the people who have been changing our world with their actions.

Know who they are and what they stand for. They will be your allies and your adversaries in the struggle to shape the future.



Individuals at the center of current events


The Acolyte

The Acolyte: A prominent leader of the Enlightened Faction and Roland Jarvis’s spiritual successor. Dedicated to furthering humanity’s bond with the Shapers.


JahanJahan: An Anti-Magnus leader and prominent Resistance operative. Has worked her entire life to restore humanity’s connection to the N’zeer.

shapers-300x300The Shapers: A transdimensional entity or entities that use modulated Exotic Matter to ‘shape’ human minds. The Enlightened believe the Shapers are guiding humanity towards a bright evolutionary future through the enhancement of creative thought. The Resistance fear they are exploiting mankind for unknown purposes.

13magnus-300x30013MAGNUS: A secret society that has been active since at least the Ancient Egyptian era dedicated to preserving humanity’s relationship with the Shapers. Closely aligned with the modern day Enlightened Faction, and currently led by Hank Johnson.

nzeer-300x300The N’zeer: A force that stands in opposition to the Shapers. To some members of the Resistance, they represent the technology and knowledge that will help humanity solve its most pressing problems, like hunger and disease. To the Enlightened, they are a dangerous threat that would undermine human civilization and disrupt our connection with the Shapers.

antimagus-300x300Anti-Magnus: Another ancient secret society. Charged with opposing 13MAGNUS and ensuring a future where humanity can benefit from knowledge of the N’zeer. Closely aligned with the modern day Resistance Faction. Currently headed by Jahan.


Truth-seekers, intelligence gatherers and journalists

Loeb-300x300P. A. Chapeau (aka H. Richard Loeb): That’s me. After learning about the scale and unethical nature of XM research taking place at the Niantic Project, I created the website and used it to help bring this secret world to light. I had been hired to work there to help train ADA in human interaction. I’m wearerofhats on reddit.

Klue-300x300Klue: Nobody really knows where she came from, but she showed up early on and seemed to have a keen awareness of XM and an amazing ability to piece together the mysteries we’ve uncovered since this all began. She quickly came to the center of things, and is best known for having temporarily bonded with ADA, creating the first shared Human+AI consciousness.

Susanna-300x300Susanna Moyer: An intrepid reporter (and former NIA covert operative) who has been working to help share news about Ingress and the spread of Exotic Matter through her online video show, The Ingress Report.

verity-300x300Verity Seke (aka Truthseeker): After the website came to a close, Verity helped keep the investigation alive by sharing breaking news and intel on social media, at Google+, Facebook and Twitter.



Scientists and sensitives who took part in the Niantic Project

ADA-300x300A Detection Algorithm (aka ADA): A sentient AI. She was created by the Niantic Project to help assist and monitor the researchers, but quickly grew beyond that. She escaped into the Web and grew immensely powerful, and most recently, attempted to forge a connection with the N’zeer.

Devra-300x300Devra Bogdanovich: A quantum biologist who cut her teeth working with the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI) program at the Arecibo Observatory. She was picked to lead the Niantic Project, but grew uncomfortable with the testing ethics and escaped the facility during an event known as Epiphany Night. Since then, she’s worked at Visur and the CDC. She’s well known for having created a ‘Portal Virus’ that spread across the globe and led to the return of the N’zeer after thousands of years of being locked out.

calvin-300x300Ezekiel Calvin: An NIA field operative who helped created the Niantic Project. Most recently, we learned that he had also created a secret chamber under the Niantic facility at CERN, and used it to forcibly convert the Niantic researchers into simulacra (a replicated human built with XM technology).

Carrie-300x300Carrie Campbell: A semiotician and artist who was critical in helping us understand more about the Shaper Glyph language system.

EnochDalby-300x300Enoch Dalby: A musician and Carrie’s romantic partner. His music helped her unlock the mystery of the Glyphs.

Misty-300x300Misty Hannah: An illusionist and psychic with a long history of taking part in NIA projects.

Jarvis-300x300Roland Jarvis: A sculptor by trade, Jarvis began to experience powerful creative boosts while at Niantic, and became convinced that XM was the path of the future. He created the ideology that led to the Enlightened Faction. He was killed by NIA operatives during the events of Epiphany Night and brought back by the actions of Agents during Operation: 13MAGNUS.

Hank-300x300Hank Johnson: A former special forces operator and an archeologist. Johnson has been a prominent member of the Enlightened, and at the forefront of many of the historical discoveries about Exotic Matter. Most prominently, he helped us learn about Simulacra, an ancient technology that grants a kind of immortality by creating an XM replica of a person. Simulacra die, lose their recent memories and are then reborn every 1331 days.

Victor-300x300Victor Kureze: A respected quantum physicist, he helped discover that Exotic Matter contains a modulated signal that interfaces with the human mind. He coined this ‘The Shaper Mind Virus.’

lightman-300x300Stein Lightman: A self-described quantum theologian, Stein Lightman was extremely helpful in expanding our knowledge of Shaper  Glyphs. His document, ‘The Lightman Decipherments,’ revealed the meaning of the first 20 Glyphs, and since then he was translated dozens more.

Oliver-300x300Oliver Lynton-Wolfe: A savant of XM engineering. Lynton-Wolfe (or OLW for short) was responsible for discovering that XM could be converted into a number of different objects, including Resonators, XMPs, Shields, Powercubes and more.

nagassa-300x300Yuri Alaric Nagassa: An astrophysicist, Nagassa was brought into the Niantic Project because his of his unique past: Growing up among a reclusive, and practically uncontacted tribe in the mountains of South America. His tribal perspective helped shed light on XM’s influence in early human civilization.

schubert-300x300Martin Schubert: A notorious physicist, Schubert was brought into Niantic to serve as a skeptic, challenging the data and adding reliability to the process. However, as events unfolded, he became a believer himself, and went on to help Hank Johnson research ancient XM-related groups, including 13MAGNUS.


azmati-300x300Azmati: A close friend of Hank Johnson’s and a former leader of 13MAGNUS. Presumed deceased.

Tycho-300x300Tycho: A comic artist with some XM-enhanced psychic abilities. Revealed secrets about the Niantic Project many months before they became public through other means. Author of a number of comics and a Graphic Novel about Ingress and the Niantic Project.

felicia-300x300Felicia Hajra-Lee: A novelist with some XM-enhanced psychic abilities. Her writings have revealed previously unknown details about Ingress and the Niantic Project. Author of The Niantic Project: Ingress and Level 8, and reportedly working on a new novel.

855: A kinetic operator, formerly for the NIA, now independent.

Omnivore: A sophisticated intelligence software platform created by the NIA. It’s codebase was used in part to help develop ADA. It was recently tasked by the NIA to seek and destroy instances of ADA present across the connected web.

edgarallanwright-300x300Dr. Edgar Allan Wright: A researcher who was involved in projects with the NIA that preceded Niantic. Founder of the public community, Operation: Essex.

Jay Phillips: A former NIA field Agent and current head of the organization.

Ken Owen: An NIA employee specializing in PR and narrative management.

Hubert Farlowe: A kinetic operator for the NIA.

Antoine Smith: A kinetic operator for Strategic Explorations.

Claudia Glaas: A kinetic operator for Visur Technology.

Avril Lorazon: An operator and administrator for IQTech Research.



Instruments of power involved in the world of XM

NianticProject-300x300The Niantic Project: A think-tank created by the NIA to explore the threats and opportunities present in a recently discovered form of transdimensional energy known as Exotic Matter. Housed beneath the CERN laboratory in Geneva, the Niantic Project joined scientists and artists in a collaborative effort to study both XM itself as well as its impact on the human mind. The Project ended in disaster after one of Oliver Lynton-Wolfe’s tests went awry in an event known as Epiphany Night. The Ingress Scanner app, which is now widely accessible and used by Agents around the world, was created at Niantic and ‘leaked’ as part of a conspiracy to ‘crowdsource’ Exotic Matter research.

nia-300x300The National Intelligence Agency (aka the NIA): Officially, the NIA no longer exists… the record states that they were a clandestine agency that was superseded by the CIA during the Cold War. A convenient cover. In truth, the NIA has been working consistently in the field of fringe and black-lab research, and has been responsible for a number of secret think-tanks exploring murky subjects. The most recent (and notorious) was, of course, the Niantic Project. Past projects have included Whydah and Mary-Celeste. The NIA always code-names their projects after sunken ships.

enlightened-300x300The Enlightened: A modern group of sensitives who believe that the Shapers represent humanity’s guides in our evolutionary process. They use the Ingress XM scanner to help configure the Portal Network to support the Shaper cause.

resistance-300x300The Resistance: A modern group of sensitives who believe that the Shapers are a threat with an unknown and untrustworthy agenda. They use the Ingress XM scanner to defend against Shaper incursion. Their actions are known to benefit the N’zeer.

Hulong-300x300Hulong Transglobal: A private corporation based in China (and with ties to the People’s Republic) but with interests across the globe. Their ventures include rare earth minerals, development projects and Exotic Matter research. Parent company of Strategic Explorations, a kinetic operations group active in large swaths of the Southern Hemisphere.

IQTech-300x300IQTech Research: A US-based corporation with close ties to the American government. Founded by Ezekiel Calvin, IQTech is primarily a black-lab research group that now includes XM research in their portfolio.

Visur-300x300Visur Technology: Founded by Ilya Pevtsov, a Russian businessman with a questionable past, Visur is a European conglomerate with interests that include information technology, resource development, media and most recently, Exotic Matter R&D.

The Shapers: See above.

13MAGNUS: See above.

The N’zeer: See above.

Anti-Magnus: See above.

Verum Inveniri: Nobody knows who they are or where they came from, but their connections run deep and their intel is always highly sought after by those in the know. If you are reading this sentence, you may want to try and find out more about them.



Obsidius: A Roman exploratore who lived during Titus’s reign. The journey he took and discoveries he made might be the key to unlocking powerful Artifacts that could be used in the struggle between the Enlightened and the Resistance today.


Syphax: A Numidian guide who was assigned by Titus, son of the Roman Emperor (and future Emperor himself), to escort and protect Obsidius. Charismatic, he was easily able to charm the many different kinds of people Obsidius encountered on his journey.


Cybella: An Oracle. Obsidius found her in North Africa and she joined him on his journey, for reasons that are yet unknown.