NL-PRIME: Phase I Expansion

This is just emerging — an Investigator based in Taiwan sent it my way . They didn’t speak English very well, and my Taiwanese is… well… rusty. They said they had recovered this partially destroyed document and that it had something to do with an expansion of NL-PRIME’s operations…

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Enlightened or Resistance: Erwin Schrödinger

While most people will associate the name Schrödinger with a certain cat and either its untimely demise or its good luck — Erwin Schrödinger introduced us to humanity a more important concept — one that has tremendous implications as we uncover the true nature of Exotic Matter, the Exogenous and the nature of the Portals: The Multiverse. So, Investigators and Agents, what do you think: Was Schrödinger more likely Enlightened or Resistance?

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The Secret Struggle

AI fearmongering isn’t really my thing. From my point of view, it’s change, it’s progress. It’s the path. But at the same time, I can’t help but see the Acolyte’s point on this one — people are sensing something… even those who don’t understand what’s really going on in the shadows, where Agents are changing the flow of time through their actions…

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The Patron Portal at the Autumn Lights Festival, Oakland, CA

In case you haven’t yet and are in the area, there are a few more chances to visit the iconic Patron Portal from the #13MAGNUSREAWAKENS event in Navarro, CA earlier this year. The Patron will be on display (with Tecthulhu module enabled) at the 6th Annual Autumn Lights Festival in Oakland, CA alongside an impressive array of other luminescent sculpture.

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A Moving Target

Via one of my regular intel community (IC) sources… a surveilled conversation between Hank Johnson and an unknown speaker… They discuss the recent news about Lorazon, and much more…

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Lorazon Jumps Ship

A contact forwarded this to me… it’s from a small private wire service for heavyweight investors in East Asia. Make of it what you will…

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#EXO5 Day One: Anomaly Intel

I’ve obtained a secure document related to the upcoming #EXO5 Anomalies. The document is a detailed guide to many aspects related to the upcoming Anomalies. It seems a number of interesting changes are in store for Agents….

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Enlightened or Resistance: Maurice Princet

Occasionally, you’ll find a figure in history who may not be remembered for their own exceptional works, but they were vitally important nonetheless… Today, I’m casting a small spotlight on one such precursor: Maurice Princet.

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NL 1331-E Operative Report – Part III

NL 1331-E Operative Report – Part III

This is the final fragment of the NIA Operative’s report on NL-1331E… Parts 1 and 2 were released over the prior two days.

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NL 1331-E Operative Report - Part II

NL 1331-E Operative Report – Part II

More of the NL-1331E report… I surfaced Part I yesterday.

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