Lynton Wolfe Challenges Kodama’s Accusations

An outraged Oliver Lynton-Wolfe discovered Agent KodamaSmiles’ investigation into the disappearance of Susanna Moyer… He wasn’t too happy about what she wrote about him, and had plenty to say in response.

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Kodama’s Investigation – 3

Here’s the latest from Kodama on her investigation into the disappearance of Susanna Moyer. It’s on you, Investigative community, to help determine where the truth lies in all this. I think the one thing all of us can agree on is that we’re looking at a large mystery, and we’ll have to work together to solve this.

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A clue… but to what?

Received this via an anonymous mailbox. That’s all I know right now… Help me figure this out?

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Susanna and the Acolyte

Hank Johnson just shared something interesting on his Google+ page… revealing that he was the one who connected Susanna Moyer to the Acolyte. What might that mean?

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Susanna’s Vision

Thanks to Agents around the world we have recovered this fascinating and incredible document (Felicia Hajra-Lee — is this your work?). It’s transcribed below… Let me know in the comments what you think this means…

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The Past and the Present

Hank Johnson shares further details about the conversations he had with Susanna Moyer prior to her disappearance…

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Klue’s True Purpose

Kodama shares a new post on her Google+ page. The questions she raises about Klue… well… these are definitely ideas that have emerged before. I’ve had some of these theories myself…

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Things of Indescribable Beauty and Horror

Did Hank experience a vision that transported him to a different reality? Or maybe a different place in time within our reality? Read his post… tell me what you think….

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Wright’s Miskatonic Story

Dr. Wright sent this message to me earlier today… I do not believe he has shared this information anywhere else… He claims to have also had a vision that transported him to the (fictional?) library that Hank spoke of in his post yesterday. Make of this what you will…

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More clues… Another challenge

Another mysterious series of images has emerged. I suspect this (like last week’s clue) will help us learn more about Susanna’s disappearance…

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