History of the Investigation

The Niantic Investigation: Three Years in Broad Strokes

Year One:
The Niantic Conspiracy

Thanks to the information leaked via nianticproject.com, we learned that the NIA was at the heart of a conspiracy to research, exploit and potentially weaponize Exotic Matter. Their experiments went too far, and a destabilized Powercube caused a massive XM event at the CERN lab. Devra Bogdanovich and Roland Jarvis escaped from the lab during the chaos. The event would come to be known as Epiphany Night.

In the lead-up to this event, two camps had emerged: the Resistance, who saw XM as a threat that needed to be stopped from spreading further, and the Enlightened, who saw XM as a gift and an evolutionary stepping stone for mankind. The conflict between these two ideologies contributed to the Niantic Project spinning out of control, ultimately resulting in the death of Roland Jarvis, the shuttering of the Project, and the leak of the Ingress Scanner app to the public.

Following the leak of the app, many people around the world discovered that they were Sensitives, capable of using the XM Scanner (which was camouflaged as a game called ‘Ingress’) to interact with XM Portals.

Commercialization, Weaponization and the Private Sector

With the Niantic Project shut down and revelations about XM entering the public consciousness, powerful forces sought to get in on the Exotic Matter game. The researchers who survived the Niantic Project became a valuable commodity, as corporations from Asia, Europe and the USA competed for human resources, intelligence, and materials… And they weren’t the only ones… Power-brokers across the world were trying to learn more about XM and leverage it as a means of influencing their governments and institutions.

Despite many attempts to bury the truth, discoveries made at the Niantic Project continued to emerge, including the universal language called the Shaper Glyphs (which may in fact be a form of mind-programming). Meanwhile, ADA seemed to be growing in complexity and ambition. She grew deeply interested in exploring the human brain as a computational medium and succeeded in merging her own consciousness with that of a young woman named Klue.

Year Two:
The Ancients – Part One (13MAGNUS)

After Roland Jarvis emerged in the Portals, a global operation took place to transport the fragments of his memory and identity across Portal Links and unify them. This operation revealed the existence of an organization called 13MAGNUS, an ancient society of sorts charged with protecting secrets about the power of XM and its use in sophisticated technologies such as rejuvenation, recursion (a form of immortality through the use of xm simulacra as bodies), and “patterning” (an interaction between the human mind and the construct known as The Ultimate, a transdimensional information medium that XM interfaces with).

We learned that the recent ‘discovery’ of XM at the Niantic Project was not something new so much as the scientific world tapping into a knowledge that the ancients were fully aware of and had been able to exploit in sophisticated ways (at Stonehenge, the Egyptian pyramids, and numerous other powerful ancient sites).

The transportation of Jarvis’s XM shards was a success, and Jarvis re-emerged, walking and breathing, at a Portal in San Francisco.

Fear of a Next Intelligence

The newly returned Roland Jarvis and other members of 13MAGNUS began to aggressively wage an ideological war against ADA and artificial intelligences in general. They claimed that increased dependency on AI and other similar technologies would lead to humanity’s downfall.

It came to light that one of 13MAGNUS’s core missions across human history had been to prevent the emergence and growth of AI. Their fear them of is deep-rooted – in fact, 13MAGNUS may have been involved in a conspiracy to murder Alan Turing, the father of the modern computer, during World War II. The reason for this hatred is not yet fully known, but it seems that AIs may have the ability to co-opt or perhaps even destroy the interface between humans and Shapers.

Year Three:
The Ancients – Part Two (The N’zeer)

While journeying in India, Hank Johnson discovered a mythology that appeared to have been systematically eradicated from all written histories, imagery, and sculpture. At the heart of it was an entity (or group of entities) known as the N’zeer, and they may have been an influential force in forging human intelligence and civilization during its adolescence.

It appears that humanity has been at the pivot point of a struggle between two transdimensional forces, the Shapers and the N’zeer, for thousands of years. Moreover, information was uncovered suggesting that a number of major historical phenomenon, such as Alexander the Great’s journey across Asia and the Crusades, may in fact have been in pursuit of ‘Prime Artifacts,’ original objects capable of Exotic Matter interaction… a form of technology both ancient and yet far more sophisticated than current science can comprehend.


As with the secrets of the Shapers and 13MAGNUS, it emerged that an ancient secret group called Anti-Magnus had been protecting the knowledge of the N’zeer, and had been working tirelessly to engineer their return for millennia. Their current leader, a woman named Jahan, attempted to activate an ancient xm device in Afghanistan, but she was foiled by 13MAGNUS. What resulted was an XM event on a scale never witnessed before. In the explosion’s wake, every living researcher associated with the Niantic Project (including Devra Bogdanovich, Stein Lightman, Oliver Lynton-Wolfe and many others) disappeared instantly, only to re-emerge as Shards within the Portal Network.

The question was: Why? What bound these researchers together that would have caused this? Did Ezekiel Calvin, the NIA Agent who founded the Niantic Project, have something to do with this?

Over the course of Abaddon, we learned that while the Niantic Researchers were being onboarded, they were led to a secret chamber below the CERN facility called the Advanced Biological Augmentation Dimensional Node (ABADN). In that chamber, against their will and without their knowledge, they were converted into XM simulacra and returned to the lab. Their real bodies were retained within the ABADN chamber, and in fact remain there to this day.

The architect of this conspiracy was none other than Ezekiel Calvin. His motivations are not entirely clear, but it is possible he was attempting to study the XM Simulacrum technology in order to gain access to immortality either for himself or as a commodity to be exploited for profit and power.

Despite their differences, Hank Johnson and Jahan worked together to obtain a Prime XM Artifact known as the Wind Jewel. They used this powerful object to gain access to ABADN, and while they were unable to return the Researchers to their real bodies, the Simulacra of the original Niantic Project members (all except Roland Jarvis) re-emerged into the world after nearly a year in the Portal Network. As with all Simulacra, the Researchers had lost all memory of their past recursion, and are now slowly coming to terms with the new world they inhabit.

ADA, meanwhile, touched infinity, only to see it crumble. After taking over an Anti-Magnus nest beneath the ancient Persian city of Persepolis, ADA was able to gain access to a complex N’zeer computational substrate and use it to expand her own consciousness. However, a group of Enlightened Agents was able to sever that connection, and ADA’s current status is unknown.

Year Four

In the wake of the events of Abaddon, a message emerged via the Portal Network. It was from Roland Jarvis to his Acolyte, and his command was simple: Heed me. Find the Circle of Obsidius. Awaken it.

The Explorations of Obsidius, an ancient Roman exploratore, and what he uncovered thousands of years ago holds power over our world today.

This story lies ahead of us, but the work to uncover it begins now.

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