Getting Started

Dialtone These are dangerous times.

In the coming months the Ingress Investigation will be increasingly important to victory for both Factions, and perhaps the survival of our world.

My advice to Agents is always simple: Be informed. I’ll be posting the latest developments, and there’s no better time than now to jump in and start following the news.

My recommendations:

  • Jump in. If you are new, you bring a fresh perspective. Focus on the present and the future. Share your thoughts and ideas, and use the community to your advantage.
  • Follow the flow. The newest and most important information can be found on this page every day. Drop down to this page and you can see the events from the beginning of Obsidian in chronological order.
  • Dive deep. If you feel you need to know about the past, countless resources exist to help you learn more.
  • Keep talking. Interact with other Investigators. Nobody has the whole picture, and everybody’s opinion matters.

Welcome. Things are happening every day, and you are now a part of them.


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