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Dig DeeperIf you find that you want to learn more about past events in the Ingress Investigation, there are many resources to explore and a deep well of knowledge to investigate.

Don’t go alone. Use the social networks and comment threads to talk to other Agents about your discoveries and questions.

Follow the threads. Each asset in the Investigation will lead you to another. Travel through them, the truth exists not in any single document or page, but in the connections that form between them.

Don’t be overwhelmed. There are thousands of items to read, listen to and watch. You don’t need to know everything to be empowered, only what will guide your thinking for the challenges you face today.

Take things a step at a time… Focus on the journey, not the destination.


The Ingress Youtube Channel hosts a number of important videos that have emerged since the Investigation began. If you’re just starting to cut your teeth, check out the latest Ingress Report to learn more about what’s happening around the world of Ingress.

Some recent Ingress Reports are also available in podcast form on Soundcloud.


Ingress: Origins by Tycho is a look at the events and discoveries that led to the creation of the Niantic Project, and how it ultimately began to fall apart. Available at

The Niantic Project: Ingress by Felicia Hajra-Lee explores Devra Bogdanovich’s escape from the Niantic facility, and the events that followed. Available on Amazon, Google Play and iBooks and as an Audiobook.
German translation available on AmazonGoogle Play, iBooks.
Japanese translation available on Amazon.

Ingress: Level 8 by Felicia Hajra-Lee is a detailed recounting of an armed conflict for control of the Niantic facility months after it was shuttered. Available on Amazon, Google Play and iBooks.

The Alignment: Ingress by New York Times bestselling author, Thomas Greanias in collaboration with Hank Johnson, tells the story of Johnson’s journey into the Congo to find an ancient site with a powerful secret. Available on Amazon, Google Play and iBooks.

The Niantic Project Files are incredibly detailed, near-canonical archives of every item uncovered during the Investigation. Think of them as big binders of leaked documents, audio transcripts and more. They contain almost everything that was originally shared online via the websites below. All four volumes are available on Amazon (1, 2, 3, 4), Google Play (1, 2, 3, 4) and iBooks (1, 2, 3, 4).

WEBSITES: was the original Investigation Board I created to help reveal information about XM.

The G+ Niantic Project page featured daily updates about new developments and was the central hub of the Investigation after I closed down the Investigation Board.

The unofficial Niantic Project wiki is a volunteer-run knowledge-base dedicated to supporting the Niantic Investigation.


Operation: Essex is a public community run by seasoned veterans of the Niantic Investigation and dedicated to discussion, speculation and education.

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