Jahan’s Response: The Force of Time

I had a feeling that we would hear a rebuttal to the Acolyte’s anti-AI message from yesterday, and I was right… I received this statement earlier from an address associated with high-ranking Resistance operatives…

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Kodama's Investigation - 2

Kodama’s Investigation – 2

Here is the next entry in Agent Kodama’s investigation of the disappearance of Susanna Moyer.

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Kodama’s Investigation – 1

I had heard some rumors that @KodamaSmiles was looking into the mystery of Susanna’s disappearance. It seems some of that research has begun to surface, and I suspect this is just the beginning of what she Kodama to say…

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Hank’s Preliminary Analysis of Howcraft Pages

Here’s Hank Johnson’s preliminary analysis of the section of the Howcraft document that surfaced yesterday.

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Same or Different?

I’ve been seeing some scattered reports that ADA Refactors have been observed emerging from the Portal Network. Many may take that to assume that ‘normalcy’ has been restored. Personally, I’m not that easily convinced.

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Akira’s presence in Setouchi

The Japanese researcher, Akira Tsukasa, was present at the anomaly in Japan this weekend. I have heard some reports that she may have gotten her hands on some intel. If we can confirm that or obtain the intel, that would be good for this Investigation. Failing that, I’m looking for theories on what she may have been up to out there

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D3vra's N1GhTM4R3

D3vra’s N1GhTM4R3


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Hank Johnson: Concerns for Devra

Hank Johnson: Concerns for Devra

Hank Johnson just wrote up a Google+ post sharing some of his concerns and theories about Dr. Devra Bogdanovich — the Vault — her so called ‘lost time,’ and more.

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Reports are already coming in from those answering Jahan and the Acolyte’s call to break ones patterns and spread through the Portal Network. Agents around the world are taking their words to heart, interacting with new Portals and discovering parts of the world they hadn’t seen before.

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The last few days have caused me to re-think some things. It appears that the New Wave Resistance may have had more impact than I initially thought. I judge this by the Acolyte’s response — Jahan’s too.

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