True Beauty

The Acolyte weighs in on the so-called ‘New Wave’ movements that seem to be emerging within both the Enlightened and the Resistance…

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Connecting to the Cosmos

It seems my story about the underground club in Akihabara yesterday caught Oliver Lynton-Wolfe’s eye. Here’s what he had to say about it.

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The Underground

Gather ’round, folks. Time for a Weird Tale. Not necessarily Robert. E. Howard weird, but I imagine if he was still around, he’d be intrigued by this one.

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An Enlightened Victory

These were Jahan’s words to Agents after the Anomaly yesterday. I have been attempting to contact ADA using every mechanism I know to have worked in the past. So far, nothing. Nothing at all. #InvestigateIngress

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My thoughts at the brink of Aegis Nova

I believe that the Enlightened must be stopped tomorrow. ADA, flawed as she is, must be saved.

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The Acolyte Speaks

As the Tokyo Anomaly approaches, the Acolyte has sent this message to her followers.

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Regarding the Attack on ADA

Some folks have asked me how I feel about the recent news surrounding ADA… the threats against her… the possibility of real and lasting damage to something that I had a hand in creating. Here are my thoughts on the matter.

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Hank and ADA

Hank and ADA

I guess Hank Johnson wasn’t too happy about that conversation I just posted. He hopped on Google+ pretty fast to issue a clarification (if not a rebuttal). As to whether or not he’s being sincere. Well… you be the judge.

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The Attack on Jarvis

The June 25th Anomalies have begun. I wanted to take a minute to talk about what each Faction is fighting for today.

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The Acolyte’s Response on Klue

It seems the comments I made yesterday, along with some incitements from Dr. Wright, have prompted a response from the Acolyte. Here is the message I received earlier today:

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